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Aesthetic Icons

icons inspired by art and artists

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All Members , Moderated

A community for art inspired icons.

This is a place to share icons that are based on pieces of art, varying from paleolithic cave art to something you saw in a gallery or drew yourself last week.

For now I want to try to keep the rules simple:


If you do not, we may ask you to delete your posts if they do not conform to the rules, particulary rule 3 and 4 below. Please be aware that the rules also apply to teaser icons.

1) Please identify the artist if at all possible. If you can supply a little information about the artist and works it would also be appreciated.

2) If posting more than 3 icons please use an <lj-cut> tag.

3) NO ANIME, COMIC BOOK, OR GRAPHIC NOVEL ICONS. I am not arguing that these are not styles of art, but there are already so many communities for these styles and I want to keep this community distinct.

4) NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR MOVIE/TV SCREENCAPTURES. Again I know photography is a valid artform unto itself but there is no easy way to draw a line between Ansel Adams' work and Great Aunt Jane's snapshots of her cat. However in cases where a photograph is the only way of recording another artform, such as sculpture, textile arts or architecture it will be allowed.

5) Posters may make their own rules as to use of their icons. Please follow them. And please always leave a comment if you are taking an icon.

6) If there is nudity or controversial subject matter please put it behind a <lj-cut> tag with a warning.

7) Ads for other icon communities are permitted, but restricted under the following conditions: All ad posts must contain usable teaser icons. Large banners for the same community should not be repeatedly posted. Small text taglines or graphics (100x100px or smaller) advertising your community are permitted with each post.

aesthetic_icons is maintained by emmalynne and carus_erus